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Client Reviews

Here, you'll find real stories and feedback from patients who have received exceptional care and treatment from Dr Mirella.


These testimonials represent the level of care, compassion, and expertise

you can expect when you choose Dr Mirella.

"Helped me with everything from Depression, Anger Issues, Self Esteem, Panic Attacks, Phobias..."

Where do I start?
I think I will need to write a book about the relationship and experience with Mirella but here is a little brief.
My life has changed and been changing dramatically since I met her, for the better obviously!!

Mirella is one of the kindest, most spiritual and most intelligent people I know, and the most patient person I know and have never given up on me even when I had given up on myself. She's helped me with everything from depression, anger issues, self esteem, panic attacks, phobias, work related issues, how to progress in my career and health.

- Jordan Make Up Artist

"Formidable and Knowledgeable Therapist"

Mirella uses various techniques that helped me move forward in my life.

Looking back, however, I feel the most important variable was the unconditional love and support that she always exuded and was readily available as we worked on balancing various aspects of my being.

Even when she was direct and asked me to examine aspects of myself that may not be as favourable as my ego would've liked, I felt she created a non-judgmental and accepting space. Still, though she earned my respect as a formidable and knowledgeable therapist, which I needed to respect her and allow her to help me. I would never have been able to open up without genuine loving support, yet I would not have trusted her if I didn't think she could understand the multilevel nature of the issues I was experiencing. I mean to say that her approach is integrative and goes beyond only techniques for the mind.

- Heather, London

"Qualified in many traditional and non-traditional therapies"

With an undreamt generosity of spirit, Mirella truly understands the many facets of human distress.


Qualified in many traditional and non-traditional therapies, Mirella genuinely wants to help people deal

with life's challenging situations.


Mirella teaches us to embrace both aspects of human life, the positive and negative, and how to accept, learn and enjoy it.

- Peter, Journalist

"Mirella's constant support, enlightenment, and direction"

Mirella has been instrumental in getting our lives back on track after what was an exceptionally distressing time in our lives (my son was four at the time) and me.


Mirella brought me out safely during a traumatic marriage breakdown, which was aggressive and belittling, which could have turned extremely dangerous.

We came out of that dark tunnel with Mirella's constant support, enlightenment, and direction.

- Anna, Personal Assistant

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