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My Therapies

Dr. Mirella Hodzic skillfully blends both traditional and alternative healing therapies to help you on your personal path to wellness. With compassion and clinical expertise, she draws from a diverse toolkit built over decades of training in hypnotherapy, Chinese medicine, energy work, naturopathy, and more. Her integrative approach is tailored to your unique needs, calmly addressing the root causes of mind-body imbalances. Whether through acupuncture, clinical nutrition, psychotherapy, or other tailored treatments, Dr. Hodzic aims to nurture your natural healing abilities, strengthen your mind-body connection, restore essential balance, and help you thrive in body, mind and spirit. Her diverse therapies work harmoniously together to support you in achieving your health and wellness goals.



Through insightful talk therapy in a safe space, explore your inner landscape. Experience compassionate listening and thoughtful guidance to achieve deeper self-awareness, resolve past hurts, and foster emotional wellbeing.


Thought Field Therapy

Clear disruptions in your energy system using TFT tapping sequences on meridian points. Release emotional disturbances for greater harmony in mind and body. Restore balance to your energy field.

Inner Child.png

Inner Child Therapy

Heal old childhood wounds negatively impacting your adult life. Restore a sense of belonging and safety through nurturing care. Recover your innate sense of worthiness.



Repattern limiting thoughts and behaviors through NLP techniques like reframing beliefs and anchoring resourceful states. Empower yourself with more positive results. Unlock your potential by eliminating disempowering patterns.

Theta Healing.png

Theta healing

Access intuitive states through theta brainwave relaxation. Align conscious and subconscious minds to catalyse deep healing. Activate your innate intuition and inner healer. Experience profound transformation and spiritual growth.



Cultivate greater focus, calm, and connection to the present. Reduce stress and enhance overall wellbeing through mindfulness practices. Ground yourself in the here and now.


Clinical Hypnotherapy

Enter a relaxed hypnotic state to access the subconscious mind. Transform unhelpful patterns by reprogramming self-limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. Rewrite negative narratives that hold you back.


Parts Field Therapy

Resolve inner conflicts by increasing awareness of polarised aspects of self. Reconcile these parts through compassionate mediation for greater wholeness. Integrate fragmented parts into a more harmonious sense of self.

Past life regression.png

Past Life Regression

Explore past lives through hypnosis to reveal soul lessons and catalyse healing. Resolve karmic patterns impeding growth. Gain insight into the origins of current life challenges.

Deciding to work with Mirella was one of the best investments I've ever made. I was at a point in my life where I knew something had to change, but I lacked the confidence to make things happen.
Mirella's intuitive approach helped me really dig deep into who I am and learn how to manage my fears. Since working with Mirella, my health has improved, and I have improved my business and work/life balance which is something I dreamed of doing but never thought possible.

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