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Sleep. Part Five

Updated: Jun 28

We should also be aware of geopathic stress, which is the distorted electromagnetic field of the earth. The Earth has its own electromagnetic frequency which is in harmony with human brain waves. Underground water streams, electricity, mineral formations such as coal, iron or oil or railways and tunnels could interact with this frequency creating geopathic stress.

Therefore spending lots of time or sleeping in the affected area can influence our health. Signs of exposure to it are constant tiredness, bad mood and not feeling comfortable in your own home. In the short term, you may experience muscle pain, joint pain, panic attacks, memory loss, candida and even alcoholism. In the long term, people can develop infertility, cancer, M.E and other serious illnesses.

Fortunately, there are things we can do to help;-

To start with we can check the history of the house by asking the previous owners about their experience of living there.

A number of ways to diagnose geopathic stress are; kinesiology (muscle testing), blood crystalline analysis and screening devices such as the Mora and Vega machines or instruments by Dr Ernest Hartmann.

A skilled dowser can also detect geopathic stress or you can use the practice of Earth Acupuncture.

Your pets can show you signs of geopathic stress too, cats will always sleep on areas of geopathic stress and in the long term will be affected the same as humans while dogs will avoid spending time on it.

If you discover that you have radiation from geopathic stress you can move your bed to a safe place and you could try to avoid spending a lot of time in the affected area.

You can place cork tiles or bath mats under the bed or chair, special crystals or copper rods, or devices like Hellios3 (A plug-in geopathic stress electromagnetic radiation harmoniser).

In 1985 Dr Veronica Carstens published a study of 700 cases where terminal cancer patients regained their health with no conventional treatment after they moved their sleeping area from a geopathic stress zone to one free of detectable geopathic stress.

“When you believe, everything works.” Dr Mirella

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