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Sleep. Part Four

Some people sleep all night without waking up and we consider them to be lucky but there is a reason for it... their ROUTINE.

I ask many of them and I also ask myself, what it is that gives them that wonderful gift. Here are a few tips in answer to that;-

Follow the steps described in Part Three.

Not drinking anything, even water within one hour of bedtime

Add a few drops of lavender oil onto a cotton handkerchief and place it under your pillow.

Apply 4 drops of Bach's Rescue Remedy under the tongue.

Use bedding made only of cotton or natural materials.

Consider the height of the pillow, it should be neither too high nor too low, too big or too small.

The correct cover for you should not be too heavy.

Bed position should run North to South or East to West.

Central heating should not be used.

Air the room by opening a window before sleep and if comfortable throughout the night.

Manage the air quality by using a dehumidifier if needed.

There should be no TVs, telephones, computers, tablets or any LEDs in the bedroom.

Read a book or do a light crossword in bed before sleep.

Choose blue or white for the colour of the bedroom walls.

Go to sleep with a SMILE.

“When we are rested we are full of positive energy, enthusiasm and strength and we can share this greatness with everything and everyone around us” Dr Mirella

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